Directors: Michael James Regan & Mark Brombacher
Writer: Mark Brombacher
Producer: Michael James Regan
Executive Producer: Nicole Bailey
Co-Executive Producers: Carl Elster, Nick Talon
Starring: Andrew Johnston, Hanna Anderson, Tristan Bacani-Lim, Kaden May, Labe Kagan, James Acton, Shawn Lall, Danielle LeBlanc, Krista Barszo, Nicole Bailey

Synopsis: A quick-witted paperboy in 80s suburbia must navigate bullies and deadbeat customers in order to collect enough cash to fix his guitar and perform at his crush's birthday party.

  • Release Date : 2020
  • Format : Short Film
  • Genre : Adventure/Family
  • Studio : Backlash Pictures, Papermint Productions
  • Project's Link : View on IMDb.com

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