Director: Mina Soliman
Writers: Corey Stanton & Adam Kolodny
Producers: David M. James, Zahir Ahmed
Executive Producers: Adnan Ahmed, Ann & Rob Ewan, David J. Fernandes, Verity Fiction, Ray Hoang, Sabrina Laidman, Natalie Robinson, Michael James Regan, Nick Talon, Judd Tilyard
Starring: Isabella Shibuta, Jacob James, Michaela May Wright, Zaarin Bushra, Zaahira Joseph

Synopsis: In the wake of a family tragedy, a strong-willed teenager and her grieving stepfather volunteer to help a mysterious tech company evaluate its new A.I. operating system.

  • Release Date : 2021
  • Format : Feature Film
  • Genre : Sci-Fi/Thriller
  • Studio : Paper Padlock Productions, Braveheart Media, Backlash Pictures
  • Project's Link : View on IMDb.com

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